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From Grass To Grace- Mr Sunday Okpala

 It is indeed a touching story that brings tears to the eyes.

Mr  Sunday Okpala hails from Kwale, in Delta state, though he lived most of his life in the south west. He was born in Ogun State. He has a  diploma in  Management Science.

He worked with Alumaco at Kirikiri, Apapa, he was in the admin department, so we can say he had a profitable employment. He had a house he built with his money, he had cars, he was doing well with his wife and five children. He was also a devoted Christian that was actively involved in mission work, going from one state to another .

While on a missionary journey, he got an information that his wife was diagnosed  of breast cancer. That was when his roses turned into thorns, because by this time, the company where he worked had laid off some workers because financial constrain. He had to sell his house at Alakija, festac, his cars, just to save the life of his wife, but all to no avail because his dear wife lost  her life to the illness. At this point, life became unbearable for him and the children,  and this drove him into debt. Because of his knowledge in roofing and aluminum window fabrication, he was able to get some contract but could not take care and support his family because he had debt to pay. Since he could not meet up with responsibilities, he took to the street to start begging to feed himself and his children.

It was in this act that he came in contact with the NGO. Happiness came back to him after he got financial support through the founder of the NGO, Mr. Rawlings Ogie. But he still needs more support to get back  on  his feet again, that is why the NGO  is  seeking the support of well meaning Nigerians to help make life easy for him and his family. Help teach him how to fish instead of giving him fish. He is a good roofing contractor, so he needs contract to roof your buildings, he is also good at aluminum window fabrication.

To help Mr. Sunday Okpala, you can contact the NGO via email, or call us and we will connect you with him.        



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