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 The Lost Voice Empowerment Initiative  was founded on the 28th day of  September  2016  by Mr. Rawlings  A. Ogie, a Nigerian who decided to study the demography  of  the troubling issues in the skin of every Nigerian for decades now. These immense ideal of mindset restructuring was put together to help reshape the direction at which the entire nation (Nigeria) is facing today.

It is a fact that ROME was not built in a day but the only way to achieve ROME of  tomorrow  here in Nigeria, is in joint effort  of every Nigerian to strive and to build our future  in togetherness  (Oneness).

To Empower ‘’THE LOST VOICES’’ is  in a priority lane haven’t considered the arrant  status of a conglomerate of political and religious paradigm across the country. Therefore,  taking into cognisant that  to empower ‘’THE LOST VOICES’’ is to empower the entire nation at large, provides me  with the atmosphere to considering the decades we have lived in this debilitating state of political, traditional and religious quagmire with it fragmented impetus, whilst impellently losses every iota contained in the founding book of the ‘Federal Republic of Nigeria. I candidly  found nothing better than to speak to those that love this Country (Nigeria) about ‘THE LOST VOICES.

For the LABOUR OF OUR PAST HEROES’ NOT TO BE IN VAIN, is TO SERVE WITH  HEART AND MIGHT AS  ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE BIG FAMILY, in pursuit of one same DREAM. But this we can only achieve if we are at peace with one another and in unity and above all, in  LOVE with ourselves.

It is the absolute and sole responsibility of a father and mother to build a good home in order to raise an  astounding  children from it, otherwise, a stranger shall point a wrong finger towards the parents one day, of raising miscreant in the society.

Doubtlessly, it is a fact that our Nation is highly and richly bless with countless resources in diverse states, perhaps we are yet to acknowledge the real potential of our Land and the People.

Peradventure a Nigerian is asked to point out  the resources we have as a country, 95% will only identify crude oil! But the fact is, oil is just one out of hundreds, in fact, countless of our resources are yet to be discovered or to be taking into cognisant.

Discovery is essential in every human life hence it enhance us to discover new things like, new ideals in technologies, in education, in social and  moral empowerment, in  infrastructures, in security, in renewable  energies, in protection of climate change etc…

Discovery helped me also to put the following particles together  that later became named ‘’THE LOST VOICE’’ perhaps they were under mind, downplayed, discredited,  or no one sees this vital elements too important as mechanism to cause change in a nation like ours.



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